Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse

The perfect juice cleanse: detoxify, hydrate, heal and nourish your body. Are you ready?
Why juice?
A juice fast is a cleanse that rids your body of toxins by shutting down the digestive system. All required nutrients for the body to function are provided through a series of fresh, raw cold-press juices. These juices are packed with natural plant-based ingredients that help jump-start the entire body system.
Fasting has been used for thousands of years to reap many health benefits; from physical, mental and spiritual  benefits. It’s no surprise that every religion has a form of fasting. When cleansing, many people find it helps them be more present, grounded and introspective. While it does help with the weight loss, cleansing should be done moderately while following a program that best suits your body type and lifestyle. 
How does it work?
On a daily basis we will deliver six fresh cold pressed juices in an easy to carry around cooler bag. Our cooler bags along with empty glass bottles can be left outside every night and will be collected once the next day’s juices are delivered. 
When juicing we eliminate all solid food for 3, 5 or 7 days to give your body a break from the digestion process. This gives your body the opportunity to focus on rebuilding, rejuvenating, re-balancing, processing and eliminating the accumulated waste that is stored deep in the tissue and cells of the body.
Our Flavours

Assile's Story


Our Cold Pressed juice cleanse program was born out of my own experience of juice fasting and how it transformed my life. A few years ago, my health journey was at its worst. 10 years of Dubai’s famous Friday brunches and home-made fudge brownies had left me overweight, I was an emotional eater, I had low energy and low self-confidence. My body felt like it was giving up, I had IBS and anemia, my hair was falling out, I was constantly anxious, and borderline obese. I hit rock bottom when a doctor prescribed anti-depressants, but it just didn’t feel right to take them, instead I booked a plane ticket and found a fasting retreat spending 10 days alone in the tropics on nothing but green juices and raw coconut water.

 A week of no food for an emotional eater seemed impossible, but by the 3rd day, all I was hungry for was my return to nature. I was craving answers more than any meal. I spent time with myself, I learned about the healing power of raw foods and the universe’s different energies. It was a turning point not only because it changed my relationship with food (realizing you can live a week without eating reshapes how you look at French fries), but because it changed my relationship with the universe. 

 Since then, Juicing has done wonders for my life. Because my pallet was “cleansed”, I was able to transition fully to a plant-based diet, a journey that has completely changed my body and my mind. I am the happiest I have ever been, I rarely have anxiety attacks, I lost 10 kilos, I have so much energy that I can finally work out every single day, my iron levels are higher than they have ever been and I no longer have anemia.    

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