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"I can say with full confidence that my rapid transformation from middle-aged couch potato to Ultraman - to in fact, everything I've accomplished as an endurance athlete - begins and ends with my Plant Power Plant-based Diet."

Rich Roll, Vegan Ultraman who was voted one of the world's 25 fittest men by Men's Fitness magazine - Vegan Meal Plan

Why sign up for a vegan meal plan ?

Meal planning is one way you can enjoy great food even if you’re always on the go. With us, you can eliminate the guesswork of planning your own meals. You don’t have to worry about getting adequate calories and nutrition or about what flavours work well together. Just subscribe to our vegan diet plan and we’ll take care of everything — from food preparation to daily deliveries.

We prepare plant-based meals from wholesome ingredients and deliver them to you every day. You can choose from 1-week, 2-week, and 4-week plans. You can also choose from 5-day, 6-day and 7-day weekly deliveries.



Since I started the Plant Power meal plan, I am eating balanced meals more regularly which has had a big impact on my training. I immediately started to feel better and more energized. The quality of the meal plan was exactly what I was looking for and very convenient for my schedule. The team is great, friendly and always available for questions as well.

Andrew Gibb

I never thought that vegan food could be so tasty and delicious! I feel much healthier all around when eating vegan food and this is all down to Plant Power! Thank you!!

Katy Sandel

As today is the last day of my meal plan, I would just like to thank you and your team very much for the excellent service and absolutely delicious food!
The service from your company was great. Everything was always delivered on time and I never had any issues - the food was neatly and presentably packed always - and moreover - the menu selection was amazing and food always tasted great!

Vanessa Leitao

As a professional athlete diet is a massive part of my day to day. A big thing for me was making weight and once my body was used to the adjustment and restricting myself daily to just what comes in my pack each day, I have begun losing weight and looking in really good shape as I move to a lower weight to compete.

Rohan Date

When I first heard about vegan food I was a bit skeptical, but once I tried my first meal I was immediately hooked, as a devoted meat eater this says a lot for the flavour and variety of meals that Plant Power produce, simply delicious!!

Gaz Cox