Welcome to the Green Side: Where Plants and Planet Party!

Hey there,

eco-warriors! At Plant Power, we're not just about feeding your body; we're all about nourishing Mother Earth too. Strap in, because we're on a mission to make sustainable choices that'll knock your socks off.

From Day One, we've been flexing our green muscles, scrutinizing every bit of food waste, every pesky package, and where the heck our ingredients come from. Why? Because we're not just saving the planet; we're throwing it a vegan-themed bash!

But hey, we're not perfect (even though our plant-based meals are pretty darn close). We're always on the lookout for ways to trim our carbon footprint and spread the gospel of sustainability far and wide. Got any genius ideas? We're all ears! Drop us a line, and let's cook up some green goodness together.

The road to sustainability might be long, but with your help, we're cruising in the fast lane. So buckle up, hold onto your reusable meal plan bags, and let's make this world a greener, leafier, and all-around better place. Thanks for joining us on this wild ride!

- Tom Elles


How We’re Working to Do Our Part

Eating Plants To Save The Planet

Nourish your body and the earth at the same time. The Plant Power meal plans make plant-based eating delicious and effortless.

By helping all people include more plant foods in their diets, we are accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable eating. Pound-for-pound, gallon-for-gallon, plant-based foods use vastly less water and emit less greenhouse gases than producing animal-based foods.


Minimizing Toxic Food Waste

At Plant Power, we're tackling the UAE's food waste challenge head-on. Recognizing the staggering statistics – like the 3.27 million tons of food wasted annually – we've implemented strategic measures to curb this issue. From meticulous meal planning to innovative packaging solutions, every step of our process is geared towards minimizing waste. By prioritizing efficiency and mindful consumption, we're not just serving up delicious vegan meals; we're also contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for the UAE.


Choosing Thoughtful Packaging

At Plant Power, we're committed to sustainability every step of the way, and that includes our packaging. Say goodbye to cardboard boxes and plastic containers! Instead, we've opted for eco-friendly alternatives. Your meals are delivered in reusable fabric meal plan cooler bags, reducing single-use waste and providing a convenient way to transport your delicious vegan meals. Plus, our kraft packaging, both for the base and lids, is fully recyclable through local UAE recycling programs like RECAPP, ensuring that even after enjoying your meals, you're still contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.

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